Chef Burger a place full of experiences / La Barra

To meet the needs of diners and its employees, Chef Burger has developed strategies in search of providing experiences to its customers.

Chef Burger was born in Medellín in August 2011. Five years later, it has decided to expand into the country’s capital. The first time they left their city, it was in Cali, in December 2015 and, due to their success, they decided to open an office in Bogotá in Parque de la 93.

Iván Castaño, one of the founding partners, considers that one of the reasons why the brand has been so successful has been “to build a gastronomic experience that knows how to meet the needs of consumers, who are looking for casual restaurants at an affordable price. to multiple customer segments. We stand out for having very well prepared hamburgers in a trendy, pleasant environment”.

To this is added the work they have done with the brand. Chef Burger not only decided to sell hamburgers but also experiences, ranging from design to having, for example, a musical strip on the Chamber of Commerce station in Medellín, Monday through Friday, between 5 and 6 in the afternoon. . “We wanted to give a musical wave to the brand so that the consumer, when he goes back home, comes into contact with our music,” adds Castaño.

But just as customers are important, so are those who work for them. “When we started in the restaurant business, one of the weaknesses we saw was that there was a lot of employee turnover. So we work within the team and we have workshops on happiness to tell them that beyond money, the key is to find stability and be in a comfortable environment”, says Castaño. Theater workshops are some of the activities carried out with their employees, through which they teach service techniques and personal growth.

About Bogotá, the expectations they have are high. Even so, both Castaño and his other three partners and strategic allies, claim to be calm because they arrive “with a different product experience, of good quality and with competitive prices, taking into account that those of the competition are very high.”

They opened the place on the first floor of the GHL hotel, in Parque de la 93, but they plan to open a second point, in the middle of this year, in Zona T. The next cities they hope to reach are Barranquilla and Bucaramanga, among the 2017 and 2018.