The growth plans of Poke and Chef Burger for this 2021 / Portfolio

The first has been on the market for six years and sells 60,000 bowls a month. The second has been in the market for 11 years and sells 130,000 hamburgers a month.

Poke and Chef Burger, two brands developed in the Endeavor network of entrepreneurs, announce plans to grow this year.

Coincidentally, both opened in the Nuestro Bogotá shopping center.

Chef Burger has 24 locations (5 in Bogotá and 19 between Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla) and plans to open eight locations between Bogotá and the Caribbean.

It has been in the market for 11 years, sells 130,000 hamburgers on average per month and expects to close 2021 with 32 points and $42,000 million in sales. Its founders are Juan Carlos Valencia and Iván Castaño.

For its part, Poke, specialized in healthy bowls, has 18 stores (12 in Bogotá, 4 in Medellín and 1 in Cali).

Founded by Isabella Fernández and Camilo Obregón, it has been in the market for six years, sells 60,000 bowls a month, and projects sales of more than $18,000 million this year.