No-working space | Chef Burger

An idea becomes a fact, a fact into a movement, and a movement into a great community. Here, we believe it’s all about balance, and to have mental health, you must manage your time well… That’s how a co-working space transforms into a no-working space… At Chef, we open this space for you… where the best Wi-Fi is connectivity with others, music creates the best work environment, and the desk is a comfortable table where the only requirement is to hang out. So that not everything in life becomes work, so you know there is life after this… for your mental health, come to the No-working space by Chef, after your day at the co-working space, so you can forget the routine stress that has you feeling a bit drained and down. At Chef, we care about your well-being, and… what better way to forget, than some good music from MAD radio, playing, laughing, and eating something delicious. Drop by between 4:20 pm and 6:30 pm to make your week more enjoyable, try the new beer we made with BBC, and instead of becoming a workaholic, become a Chefaholic. See you there! A whole experience that will take you away from your daily routine and connect you more with your essence!