What is Chef Burger’s musical inspiration? A journey through blues and rock

Music is an ancient language that we all know and enjoy, regardless of our physique, place of origin or personality. Many StudiesThey have proven that it regulates emotions, helps us remember experiences, impacts the heart and blood flow, controls brain waves, and shapes our personality. and since it is so important to our identity, today we tell you what Chef Burger’s musical inspiration is.


One of the predominant genres in our playlist It is the blues, a genre that represents the beginning of other musical genres such as rock, jazz and reggae. Now, let’s see how it came about.

Where does the blues originate?

Surely you have thought that the story is very bricky, but knowing it helps us to better understand the richness of each song. That is why we simplify the history of the blues for you in 8 important stages:

XVII century:

This musical expression was carried by African slaves brought to the United States. Initially the rhythm arose from their voices and later from handmade flutes or banjos.

XIX century:

The “world songs” or blues differed from each other in two ways: hollers or work songs. The first was developed in a solitary acapella style and the second with a dialogue between the slaves.


The first blues songs were recorded. These were not strictly blues, but also included popular ballads or country.


The company Okeh Records recorded for the first time an Afro-descendant singer, Mamie Smith. His album was a success and, thus, this genre managed to capture the attention of record companies. Rural blues or folk blues.


Of the folk blues, other styles such as Delta blues, Piedmont and Texas blues came out. Being a bluesman meant living on the road and being free. Also, many of the bluesmen of the time were illiterate, so they learned their songs by heart.

Late 30s:

Due to the increase in racism after the Great Depression, Memphis and Saint Louis were cities of freedom for the Afro-descendant population, which is why they were centers for the blues. Also, at this time, guitar and harmonica sounds were included in this music.


Places like Chicago, New Orleans, New York and the State of California were the cradle of the new styles of blues after the migratory currents of Afro-descendants in the United States.

Years 50 and 60:

In these decades, the genre grew and boomed when the Swamp blues and the Rythm & Blues (R&B), which added drums and wind instruments like the saxophone to classic blues rhythms. Around this time, the music of blues legend John Lee Hooker was created and developed.

Resonator guitar, the reason for authentic blues sounds

This type of guitar arose from the need to generate more powerful sounds in open spaces. It owes its characteristic sound to its resonators, which are metal cones embedded in the body of the guitar. The songs that are played with this instrument have a very striking “nasal” echo and its resonators can be three or just one.

We will show you an example of its sound below:

3 exponents of the blues that are on our playlist and why

John Lee Hooker

Known as the blues legend , John Lee Hooker was one of the bluesmen greatest in history. His music has rhythms of Electric Blues, Delta blues, Country blues, Detroit blues and Chicago blues, but he was even more recognized for his direct influence on the Boogie.

Howlin’ Wolf

His characteristics and striking presence and voice made him another of the greats of the blues during the 50s. He was also known for his skill on the guitar and harmonica, and also for his electric blues and Chicago blues songs.

Muddy Waters

Although his songs are in the genres of Rock blues, Delta blues and Electric Blues, the most relevant is Chicago blues, since he is recognized as the Father of the Chicago blues or the Chicago Chief . He was ranked 17th in the ranking of the greatest artists of all time (Revista Rolling Stones).


Rock is second most listened genre for the youth of the world. Therefore, we want to tell you more about its origin.

How did rock come about?

Rock is a musical genre that we usually characterize by its imposing and rebellious vibe, in addition to those incredible electric guitar solos that give us goosebumps.


This genus was initially originated as Rock ‘n Roll, a term brought to life by American DJ Alan Freed who used it on his radio show; although later it would be called just rock. This is the evolution of R&B with rhythms from Gospel and Country. In this decade, the use of the electric guitar in musical compositions also became popular.


The rhythms arrive in the United Kingdom and there is a transformation of the Rock ‘n Roll to rock to express the rebellion of young people. British bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, are positioned as musical hits on the charts Billboard when they began to merge these rhythms with some Beat and R&B.


Rock becomes a form of social protest with raw lyrics and strong emotions, as this is the time of opposition to capitalism and communism as part of the Cold War. Punk, Heavy Metal and Hard rock are genres that develop at this time, as well as songs like Stone Cold Crazy andGod Save the Queen and bands like The Ramones andKiss.


A decade of different nuances. From pop and hip hop influences that saw bands like Duran Duran, Tears for fears e INXS; to Hard rock, also called Glam metal that followed strongly with Mötley Crüe, Poison and Ratt, as well as Thrash Metal with Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax.


Grunge, Hard Rock, Metal, Industrial Rock, Nu Metal, Garage Rock and other derivatives took over this era, in which bands were born that left an indelible mark such as Nirvana, Oasis, Radiohead, and in Colombia Aterciopelados and Ultrágeno.

Electric guitar, the rock star instrument

This musical genre is characterized by the electric sounds of the guitar, either in its wonderful solos or in conjunction with the drums and electric bass. The electric guitar is made with metal strings, unlike the nylon strings of other guitars.

On the other hand, the first ones began to be used by jazz musicians, since the strong winds did not allow the sound to be heard without amplification. In addition, they were built with wood that contained a lot of cellulose, which guaranteed a greater resonance.

3 representatives of Chef’s rock that you should know

The Smiths

This alternative rock band was listed as the most important independent British rock of the 80s. They won 5 awards at the NME Awards between 1985 and 1987 and the Magazine Rolling Stone ranked them 15th out of the 50 Greatest Rock Bands of All Time.

The Black Keys

The Black Keys, the blues rock duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, have achieved wide recognition for their raspy, screaming guitar snarls with hits like Howlin’ for You, Lonely Boy, Tighten Up and Wild Child, the latter from his most recent album Dropout Boogie (2022).

The Dandy Warhols

Despite being influenced by bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones andThe Shadows, they decided on a more independent path with tendencies towards Garage rock and psychedelic Rock. They rose to fame for an advertisement for the British telephone brand Vodafone with his song Bohemian like you.


1. Folk or folk music

Where does folk come from?

In the middle of the 20th century, people began to talk about the music Folk, a word that comes from the German ‘Pueblo’, for what refers to the music of the town.

He takes traditional music and transforms it with other acoustic sounds and lyrics of social concern.

What instruments does folk music use?

He generally uses the acoustic guitar, the banjo, the zampoña, the violin, the marimba, the accordion and other instruments.

It will also depend on the place where it is made, because it includes a lot of the tradition of the creation site.

Types of folk

The main types of folk are the Indie Folk, Folk Rock, Folk Metal andFolk Pop.

2. Reggae

Where does reggae come from?

Its origin was in the 60s in Jamaica with 4 main divisions: Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae andDancehall. It grew over the next two decades and with it the Rasta movement and the importance of the electric bass.

Some artists like Derrick Morgan and Bob Marley define the word ‘reggae’ as “the music of the king” or say that it comes out of the sound with the organ and rhythm guitar.

What instruments does reggae use?

He commonly uses the guitar, bass, drums, and Hammond organ.

Types of reggae

The main types of reggae are the Early reggae, Roots reggae, Dub andRockers.

Enjoy more of Chef Burger’s musical inspiration

Now comes the good stuff! Since you already know everything about Chef’s musical inspiration, we share our station with you so that you can listen at all times and vibrate with us 24/7. Listen more than Chef Radio, while you eat a Burger with your friends or when you are rolling around the City. Thus you will live a true journey through the world of blues, rock, reggae, folk, disco and retro music.

Did you get the cool thing about knowing where Chef Burger’s music comes from? Discover our playlistfor a mushroom trip and join us to break taboos.

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