Things that make you feel like you’re on vacation, even when you’re not | Chef Burger

Oh man! It already smells like the beach, pot of soup, and sunburn, the middle of the year is always vacation time, but not for everyone, unfortunately. If you’re one of those who had to soak up the sun through your friends’ Instagram photos, here are some tips or little things you can do alone or with your partner to get through that vacation blues and feel like you were part of that select group.

Take advantage of the days off to sleep in and go straight to lunch, there’s nothing tastier than sleeping in late.
Spend a whole weekend binge-watching your favorite series or movies, and the next day, God will provide with exhaustion and dark circles.

Plan a day trip with your friends, even if it’s just to a local park or nature reserve.
If you work from home, indulge in not showering all day and sending reports in your pajamas.

Schedule a hearty brunch, maybe not by the beach but definitely with a couple of cold beers at noon.

Go to an early morning movie, it has several benefits: nearly empty theater, cheaper tickets, and it leaves your day open for a stroll around the mall.

“There’s a silver lining to every cloud,” as moms say. Afterward, plan that long trip you truly deserve this year.