Not everything is about wine: discovering the art of beer pairing

The art of beer pairing lies in finding the balance between the flavor of the beer and that of the food.

When it comes to pairing, it’s usually associated with wine and food. However, the beer universe, increasingly rich and diverse, offers a wide range of options to explore combinations with different dishes, including meat. The possibilities are as varied as the beers themselves.

Beers are generally classified into three main types: Ale, Lager, and Lambic.

IPAs (India Pale Ales), which constitute approximately 14.5% of the global market, are known for their high hop content and higher alcohol content. Thanks to their long fermentation time, these beers have a robust body, intense flavor, and pronounced aroma.

On the other hand, Lagers are the most common, representing about 85% of beers worldwide. They are the typical ones consumed on bar terraces, resembling a soft drink due to their effervescence and the rapid disappearance of foam once served. Their medium bitterness and fruity flavor result from a brief fermentation in cool environments.

Finally, Lambic beers are the least common, occupying only 0.5% of the global market. They are made through spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts present in the air. This process can last for years, resulting in acidic and very fruity beers.

The art of beer pairing lies in finding the balance between the flavor of the beer and that of the food. For example, let’s consider a juicy beef burger from Carl’s Jr. Being a meat with an intermediate flavor, it could perfectly pair with a Lager beer. But, if this burger has a spicy sauce added to it, then an Ale beer, with its high hop content, could counteract the spiciness and be an excellent choice.

On the other hand, if you want to enjoy a Lambic beer, a chicken burger would be a good choice, as its milder flavor would not compete with the fruity flavor of the beer. Ultimately, beer pairing seeks a complementarity of flavors in which the beer and the food do not contrast, but rather enhance each other. A world of possibilities for beer and food enthusiasts.

By the way, Chef Burger restaurant and BBC brewery have launched an innovative seasonal burger and beer. The exclusive menu includes the IPA Burger and the Chef Beer. The first is a burger whose star ingredient is a sauce made from IPA beer, while the second is a Session IPA Type beer, white, hazy, and refreshing.

The IPA Burger features a potato bun, 100% beef mixed with bacon, fresh vegetables from local gardens, pickles, and melted cheese. Its authentic BBQ sauce, made from beer, stands out with citrus and barley notes, providing unparalleled juiciness and flavor.

The burger and beer will be available for three months as a seasonal product.