Chef Burger and BBC launch seasonal burger and beer

The iconic restaurant Chef Burger and the craft beer brand BBC have teamed up to introduce the Chef Beer and IPA Burger to their menu, an exclusive beer and a unique burger inspired by this beer.

Two products designed with the innovative and challenging personality that characterizes both brands and achieve harmony between the flavors and aromas of both the beer and the burger, thus offering a synergistic gastronomic experience for their diners.

The preparation combines two elements beloved by lovers of good burgers: juiciness and an authentic BBQ sauce made from the beer, with citrus and barley notes.

This burger is artisanally crafted with potato bun, 100% beef mixed with bacon, vegetables from local gardens, pickles, and melted cheese, achieving a blend of flavors and textures that pairs perfectly with the Chef Beer, a Session IPA Type beer, white, hazy, and refreshing, accentuating flavors on the palate.

“We want our users to achieve a true balance between work and personal life, to have a space to relax and enjoy with friends. We seek that this innovative union allows them to try new things, flavors, aromas, and experiences, but above all, to know how to stop in moments away from worries and enjoy everything that may be new in their day to day. And what better way to do it than with a good burger and a limited edition craft beer?” stated Maribel Gómez, Brand Director of Chef Burger.

The alliance primarily responds to Chef Burger’s new campaign “No Working Space,” a movement that invites consumers to stop and set aside work stress, continuing its purpose of democratizing the consumption of artisan burgers with quality ingredients and pairing them with a good craft beer like BBC’s.

This initiative also promotes local musical talent, as it includes the Mad Radio collective, which will be present during the activation period. Visitors will be able to enjoy the flagship burger of the alliance along with a craft beer, accompanied by good music from a live DJ. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to attend exclusive parties at Mad bars in Bogotá and Medellín.

The burger and beer will be available for three months as a seasonal product and can be purchased at different Chef Burger locations.