Changing the color of your logo is not what matters Pride 2022

A rainbow logo is not enough, this year we want to learn and hear from all the foundations and groups that are breaking it, we want to amplify relevant messages and continue contributing to the community.

Always proud | Chef Burger
They are data and you have to give them! The homosexual liberation movement was born in N.Y, on June 28, 1969 and thanks to these riots and demonstrations, today we can continue fighting for the rights of the entire LGTBIQA+ community, and bet on how brutal diversity is, and patch ourselves without prejudice , and live life being People friendly. That is why Chef from its beginnings has been clear that all people have something that makes them unique, magical, chimbas. 75% of Chef’s employees are part of the LGTBIQA+ community and we are proud, always proud, because love is love.