We do talk about mushrooms

We recently learned about mushrooms and all that they can help with issues related to mental health and we said: Everyone has to know about it! we did a campaign to share all the info we discovered and launched it two days ago. Today, we woke up to the news that our Instagram account with almost 100,000 followers was taken down, which we have always used to talk about topics that we feel should be on everyone’s lips, no matter what we risk in the process.

We knew that some people might be uncomfortable and we invited them to debate with us, what we do not agree with is that they seek to censor us. What is happening only reaffirms how important it is to talk about the subject, for this reason, today we want to ask you to help us amplify the message and that this information reaches many people.

Today, more convinced than ever, we say #ChefSíHablaDeHongos