Menu Chef!!! always something unique for you…

We bet you a pola that you always order the same hamburger, when we have a menu so patchy that it adapts to all tastes, and we cannot deny it, when you find the ideal one you cannot abandon it, but it is time to be unfaithful and give the opportunity to other well-selected and artisan candidates.
Are you a fan of fiery things? We caught you rogue! For you, who are always looking to live to the limit with experiences, we have the SRIRACHA, a burger brought from Olympus itself, naaa, lies, but it is something from another world: artisan peasant bread, mixed meat 50% beef, 50 % Argentinian chorizo ​​(your mouth is watering), mushrooms, hydroponic lettuce, coleslaw and mozzarella cheese. REPLUS: Spicy sriracha mayonnaise, medium level so we won’t cry.
Chicken lover? You have him! The CRISPY CHICKEN arrives with a chicken breast fillet breaded in corn flakes, potato bread, feta cream cheese, romaine lettuce, gherkin relish, coleslaw and a touch of citrus salt, accompanied by a mayonnaise relish dip… everything is as to lick your fingers in front of anyone, as if to say: without fear of success.
And for those who consciously decided to stop eating animal protein, we have the WTF! BURGER the most delicious 120gr of vegetable protein mixed with hydroponic lettuce, caramelized onion, mozzarella cheese, crispy leeks and walnuts inside an artisanal potato bun that will leave you wanting to unbutton your pants.
Here the patch, the music, the company and the food are the perfect combination of flavor, freshness and fun. Come and enjoy each of our recommendations, we are sure that you will thank us!