Twelve steps to a more sustainable life | Chef Burger

We have all sought at some point to have a much healthier relationship with the environment, and let’s not tell lies, at some point we have failed and blame ourselves for it. But stop your train for a moment and get ready for this 2023 to give it all with environmental awareness, just start following these practical and simple steps, you will see that in a month you already have a master’s degree in sustainability:

  • Recycle! sometimes a simple practice makes a big difference.
  • Turn off the lights when you’re not using them, we learned this little trick from moms.
  • Try to use electricity from renewable sources, do not continue supporting polluting and radioactive electricity generation.
  • Drink tap water and always carry your thermos.
  • Don’t waste food! Better donate to whoever needs it.
  • Buy less, the health of the planet depends on us sourcing items in a much more sustainable way.
  • Consume more plants, meat production generates a high economic and environmental cost.
  • Free yourself a bit from paper, use digital tools.
  • Have the bicycle as your new best friend, you avoid traffic jams and more expenses.
  • Shorten your showers and reuse the water you use.
  • Change the way you travel, use ecological means.
  • Buy local food from farmers in the region.

Simple steps that will change your life and your relationship with the planet.