Plans in Medellín to hang out with your loved ones

Have you been thinking about doing a different “parche” in Medellín with your family and partners? With Chef, you can take a wonderful tour of the city of eternal spring, full of gastronomy, culture, and adventures. Live new experiences with these plans in Medellín.

7 places to visit in Medellin

Next, you will see the route that we propose to get to know the eternal spring:

1. View of the city from above

The Medellín Metrocable was the first cable car in the world built as part of a mass transportation network. The first Metrocable line was inaugurated in 2004 from the Acevedo station to Santo Domingo.

Due to the hills in the city, to reach some places easily the best option is the metrocable. One of the most attractive connections is the connection to Juan XIII, to the west of the city. To reach the starting points of the trip you can move on the metro system stations. Then you can enjoy the magnificent views that you will get from the glass cabins.

2.Mercado del Río

Near Pueblito Paisa is one of the most interesting gastronomic proposals in Medellín: the “Mercado del Río”.

Eating in this market is quite an experience, you can enjoy a gastronomic world with your friends or with your family. In this space you can also find live music shows, wine tastings and special events.

It is located at Calle 24 #48-28 with hours from Monday 11:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. – Tuesdays and Sundays 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. – Wednesday 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. – Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.

3. Commune 13: graffiti tour

If you want to “parchar” (hang out) differently with your friends, we invite you to take the graffiti tour of Comuna 13, there you can learn about the stories from the past and present that make this community so special.

In this part of the city you will find art, culture, life; and above all a place that after been the most dangerous in the country, has now become the most visited place in Medellín due to its social transformation.

There you can enjoy the largest section of murals and graffiti in the city of Medellín, viewpoints of Comuna 13, neighborhoods as 20 de Julio, Independencia 1 and 2, galleries of local artists, the famous escalators of the commune, neon house where there is graffiti that lights up and can be seen in 3D and street dance or RAP shows.

Cheer up, it’s a “chimba” plan !

4. Tango and Gardel

Do you dare to do something different?

If you want a more relaxed “parche” but with a very powerful musical and cultural background, we suggest you visit an emblematic Tango site in Medellín.

Visit Plaza Gardel, on the outskirts of the Olaya Herrera airport, this was built in homage to the famous singer-songwriter from Rio de la Plata, Carlos Gardel, who died in a plane crash at this same airport in 1935. Then you can walk to the Casa Gardeliana museum, and finally to end this tour, listening to or dancing some tango in traditional places such as Salón Málaga or El Patio del Tango.

5. Barefoot Park

We have for you the perfect plan to relax.

The barefoot park is an ideal space to relax and get out of the monotony of everyday life, it is an oasis in the middle of the city. In this place you can walk a path of guaduas, relax your feet in the water wells and walk on the sand, connecting all your senses.

It is an ideal “parche” to do with family, partner, friends or your little furry pets. Around the park you can find restaurants and a large plaza where cultural events and activities are constantly shown for the enjoyment of all.

Open to the public

Street 58 #42-125

6. Music festivals

Medellín has always stood out for being a city thatallows cultural development, through events, meetings and festivals, allowing the projection of local talent and the visibility of this as a city moved by culture. If you are one of those people who loves to know new places but who also enjoys music, this “parche” is the one for you.

La Solar Festival

The festival it´s a bet on alternative rhythms with Bomba Estéreo, Flight Facilities and the prodigious voice of the American singer-songwriter Laura Pergolizzi.

It will also be the temple of perreo in Colombia with Chencho Corleone, Rels B, Ryan Castro, RKM & Ken-Y and Sky Rompiendo and in the electronic genre quota names like Oliver Heldens and the Grammy winner, Black Coffee stand out.

Date: February 11, 2023

Location: North Park

International Tango Festival – Festitango

The International Tango Festival Ciudad de Medellín is a city gathering event that celebrates the tango tradition of Medellín. With a varied academic and artistic programing, Medellín projects itself to the world as a city moved by tango.

Festival Altavoz

The Altavoz Festival strengthens the local music scene; a Festival that brings together a great diversity of musical genres, becoming an important platform for the projection of local music on the national and international scene. Altavoz holds several meetings throughout the year: Altavoz Lab, Ciudad Altavoz and Altavoz Fest Internacional.

Medellin Flower´s Fair

The Flower´s Fair is the most important cultural meeting that Medellín has. This space celebrates the traditions of the Antioquia culture, as well as the art of being a silletero, an ancestral practice that is part of the memory and heritage of the city and the country.

The Fair is part of the Special Plan for the Safeguarding of the Silleteros Culture in Medellín, an opportunity for the economic and tourist reactivation of the city.

7. A charismatic Burger in Chef

You cannot stay without closing the day with the best.

Try a Cheese & Bacon or an Avocado, a Classic or a Sailor; We have a wide variety of artisan Burgers for all tastes and what a better way to end the tour with a delicious and balanced meal. Check our take a look at it and see more about our art.

What do you think of these plans in Medellín? Now you will visit our city with all the cool energy.

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